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Self-expression workshops through intuitive painting.

Liberté d'expression
Stages à l'Atelier "La toile des Possibles": Bienvenue

It is a parenthesis for SOI, a privileged moment of personal creation.

In this "apprentice-wise" let spontaneity emerge, give free rein to your imagination and your intuition,

use the benefits of art to reveal yourself.

Go on a trip without knowing the destination to create and discover your own unique universe.

I accompany you on the creative journey through intuitive painting, through a benevolent relationship, based on trust and mutual respect. I will present you techniques that allow a certain freedom on the web.

I offer day courses, in small groups of up to 4 people and individual half-day support.

In my workshop, a warm place that brings calm and serenity.

For all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter.

The approach is to create a work that is the reflection of your being, without control but in the feeling.


Collective courses, Individual courses, Privatized courses
The place of the internship: In my studio, 15, rue jean Perret 69630 Chaponost.


GROUP COURSES: (4 Pers max, for better support and ease)

See planned dates above. We can also open an internship on another date from

2 people registered, contact me!


Hours: Workshop open from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. (5 a.m. / € 70) or (3 hours / € 45)


INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOPS: (We agree together on the date and time) Price: (3h / 60 €)


PRIVATE COURSES: (4 Pers max, for better support and ease).

Organize an internship with friends or family. We will agree on the date together!



Come with your hands in your pockets and a free spirit !!


The material is provided:

(a cotton canvas frame size 12F 61x50cm, paper, paint, material, easel ..)

Blouse or apron available.


For any additional canvas used, a contribution will be requested.

You also have the possibility to bring your canvas.

Stages à l'Atelier "La toile des Possibles": Cours
Stages à l'Atelier "La toile des Possibles": Bienvenue
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